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How to Train for the Planche Pushup

Hi Dr. Bell, I wanted to train in some flashy exercises like the “planche pushup.” I just started this last week and I’m starting to notice discomfort in my wrists. Does this mean I have really weak wrist strength? If…

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Thigh & Hip Pain From Squats

Dear Dr. Bell, I have been experiencing pain in my upper left leg. I’m really not sure of the name of this area…I think the Hip Flexor? The pain occurs on the outside/top of the upper thigh, right below the…

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Coming back from a Rotator Cuff Injury

Dear Dr. Bell, after a long injury in my rotator cuff, more than 6 months without doing any kind of workout, what is the best way to come back and to strengthen my rotator cuff? I know I should work…

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