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Gaining Thickness in the Lower Lats

Dear Dr. Bell, What are the best exercises for gaining thickness in the Lower Lats? Thank you for the advice, Justin. Many experienced bodybuilders are “spring loaded” to replying “Short-Bar-Close-Grip-Seated Rows pulling to the waist.” Many advanced bodybuilders recommend: Barbell Rows, safer and…

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Two-A-Days Strength & Overtraining

Sir, I have a workout question. So currently my weekly workout schedule is as follows: (1) Arms (Biceps,Triceps,Forearms) (2) Back (3) Chest (4) Legs (5) Shoulders (6) Recovery Day REPEAT ** I add in Deadlifts with shoulder day and Abs…

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New Research: Watermelon Helps Muscle Soreness

Recent Research shows that 17 ounces of Watermelon juice consumed one hour before exercise leads to less muscle soreness after your workouts. There is no research on its effect as a post recovery drink. But I suspect it may work.…

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