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The Benefits of Tai Chi

The Benefits Of Tai Chi

Tai chi is a sport that can be considered both competitive and non-competitive. Learning and continuing to incorporate Tai Chi into your daily regimen will offer you not only tremendous health benefits, but great self-defensive benefits as well! Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that has evolved over the years. It is a recognized way to decrease stress, anxiety and many other mental health issues.

Recent research has shown it can reduce symptoms of depression and reduce pain.  As mental heath issues recover, there is an increase of serenity, inner peace and happiness.  Stress and anxiety can weigh a person down and destroy health. Having peace and less stress can assist everyone in their daily life and can also promote more energy and stamina.

There are five different types of Tai Chi, each one has its own Ancient origin and lineage.  It is safe for all ages and does not put stress on your muscles and joints the way other sports can. Tai Chi can lower blood pressure, improve heart health and reduce inflammation. It can increase aerobic capacity and muscle strength which improves balance (therefore resulting in fewer falls for older and de-conditioned participants).

Practitioners of Tai Chi experience a better night’s sleep, which has been shown to enhance the immune system and healing process of your body. Everyone, including you, can benefit from a restful night of sleep.