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Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cover Online Training?

Hi Team,

I have talked with several trainers over the past few weeks about Personal Trainer Insurance. We’ve had more inquiries regarding insurance in the past month, than we’ve had all year. Trainers are looking to switch companies, due to a lack of coverage. It’s a good idea if you haven’t already done so, to verify you are covered by your insurance company for Online Personal Training.

When you call to verify, be specific. There is a difference between one-on-one live online training, versus recorded sessions, and so on. Different policies can cover different aspects of online training or none at all. The best way to ensure you are covered is to call and get the information first hand.

We have partnered with CPH & Associates to provide our trainers 10% off their professional liability premium. Our team has confirmed CPH & Associates covers online training.

“Live one-on-one training is covered by the policy as long as the trainer is providing services within the U.S.”

If you are not covered or are looking to shop around for a better policy, checkout CPH & Associates “here”.

Please keep sending us your questions. As things keep evolving, new obstacles and issues are going to pop up along the way. We are here to find solutions for any walls you hit while navigating this difficult time!

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Dr. Bell