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Why You Should Be Eating Flaxseed!

Dear Dr. Bell, what are the benefits to adding flaxseed to my diet? Is it fluff or would you recommend it? Flaxseed is a Super Food and provides a tremendous amount of nutrients for a relatively low amount of calories.…

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Can Your Supplements Be Killing You?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has posted warnings on Tri Methyl Xtreme and Quad-Methyl Xtreme. They have been found to have multiple forms of steroids and act very similar to steroids and can carry the same risks as steroids.…

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Compound vs Isolation Exercises

Dear Dr. Bell, what are the difference between compound vs isolation exercises? What are the benefits of each? Compound Exercises are multi-joint exercises while Isolation Exercises only utilize one joint. Therefore, Compound Exercises utilize many muscle groups and Isolation Exercises…

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