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Compound vs Isolation Exercises

Dear Dr. Bell, what are the difference between compound vs isolation exercises? What are the benefits of each? Compound Exercises are multi-joint exercises while Isolation Exercises only utilize one joint. Therefore, Compound Exercises utilize many muscle groups and Isolation Exercises…

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Effective New Client Consultation Protocols

Dear Dr. Bell, what are effective new client consult protocols? The client consult materials the gym I’m working at provides us are crap. You use this cookie cutter form and the results correspond to prescribed training. However, these “tests” lead…

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What Is the Best Way To Record Dumbbell Weight?

Dear Dr. Bell, I’m new to lifting. What is the proper way to recording dumbbell weight? Do you combine the weight, or use the individual weight? Most Weight-Lifters, Bodybuilders & Olympic Lifters will tell you that it is a matter…

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