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Performance Domains, Tasks and Associated Knowledge and/or Skills

Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Exam Contents

The IFPA conducted a Job Analysis which identified the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the entry level Personal Trainer. The information obtained from the Job Analysis formed the blueprint for the content of the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Exam.

The content or domains for the multiple choice exam questions are listed below as well as how many questions are in each domain. There are 105 questions on the multiple choice exam. Five questions are not graded and are for statistical purposes only.

The domains for multiple choice exam questions # of questions on written exam
(1) Client Consulting 9
(2) Fitness Testing & Assessment 16
(3) Exercise Prescription 17
(4) Program Design 16
(5) Exercise Management 18
(6) Physiology / Exercise Science 16
(7) Nutrition Education 8