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Amy Caldwell

What made you choose the IFPA?

I chose the IFPA because I wanted an association where I could talk to a live person if I had any questions or needs. Also I have been to several of their workshops and events and have always had a great time.

What is your best success story?

Well I worked for many years as a trainer and was able to turn my personal training business into owning my own personal 24 hour gym … I am very proud to say that we are on a personal level with each gym member.

What qualities set you apart from other personal trainers? Education? Experience?

I have been a personal trainer for many years and have taken many years of continuing education. Most trainers that I come in contact with do not have the experience that I have nor the education. I am pleased to say that I have the education to design a fitness program for each client on a personal basis.

What is your best advice to someone just starting in the business?

Work hard, never give up, and always put your clients first. Plus, stay up with all the latest training education available.

What aspect of personal fitness training do you like most?

Watching my clients achieve success…that means I did my job.