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Butch Doud

I became a trainer at the suggestion of Dr. Tom Krueger at Lebanon Chiropractic Clinic about 4 years ago. I had come to the office of “Docs” to acclimate myself to getting fit again after being away from the gym. Dr. Krueger saw that my workouts were serious and he suggested that I consider being a personal trainer. He explained to me the process of the IFPA and mentored me all the way through.

Some adjectives that I think my clients use to describe me would be enthusiastic, encouraging, caring, mature and aware of their individual needs.

I chose the IFPA through the direction of Dr. Krueger and research of my own. I think the IFPA offers what I need to become successful.

I keep my clients motivated through a positive attitude and always showing them that they can reach their goals with discipline and hard work. At age 67, I can relate to the older clients and that I have some experience to show the younger ones. I always inquire before a workout how they are doing and if they have any physical concerns that day. I want them to know, their well- being is a constant concern.

The courses that I am taking now are strength and conditioning and baseball conditioning. The process of being a personal trainer is never-ending education. I will continue on this educational journey as long as I am able to.

I think that my best success story so far is a 66 year old fellow Vietnam Veteran. I have recently seen what our training sessions have had on him emotionally, physically and mentally. I have been training him about six months and have watched him gain strength and endurance. He is definitely motivated and has shown no signs of slowing down.

I think that one of the qualities that set me apart from other trainers is definitely my age and maturity. I think that I have a good understanding of individual client needs. I am encouraging, caring and definitely enthusiastic.

I envision growing my personal training business by keeping my existing clients and letting their success be an example to the people they know who are looking to improve their life. I take every opportunity possible to tell people what I do and give them a business card.

My best advice to someone starting in the business is to be confident and genuine in your desire to help another person. Accept constructive criticism with gratitude, listen to what knowledgeable and successful people have to say and write down your goals on paper. Be aware of where you are now and where you want to be 6 months to a year from now. Care about your clients as unique individuals whom God has a special plan for. Keep them motivated!!