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Christopher Dean Carr October 2013

IFPA Certifications
Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Weight Management, Post Secondary Rehabilitational Specialist, Youth Fitness Instructor, Personal Training Consultant
Other Scholastic Achievements
Masters Degree: Strength & Conditioning 08/2011 – F.A.U.
Bachelor Degree: Exercise Science & Health Wellness Promotion: 06/2005 – F.A.U.
C.S.C.S.: Active
P.I.A. Matwork: Active
N.B.T.: Master Personal Trainer
Margate, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale Beach, South Palm Beach County and North Broward County Florida, 33063
Contact Information
Phone number: (954) 304-3922
Websites: | |

When & why did you become a trainer?

I became a Personal Trainer through the I.F.P.A. in June of 2002. Why? I value the information, techniques, lifestyle of training so much that I would aim to be the best I could do in this career for a life-long goal, even if I did not match up to the hard bodies of most other trainers, it would mean the world to me that I had the courage to step up to the plate, and dare to take up the challenge of being a personal trainer. By taking this choice, I knew that there could be money issues, but the value of the kind of person I would become and the inspiration that I would have the opportunity to lead others in their health, prevention of heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, looking and feeling healthy, a shine in their eyes, would give me the satisfaction of the type of meaning I was looking for to become. As a little kid at four and six years old, I was the type of kid who would workout on his own without anyone telling him to do so. I knew that deep down inside I have the pure personal trainer instinct and level of mentality that needed to be brought out of me.

What made me choose I.F.P.A.?

I chose I.F.P.A. because the trainer in my condominium was certified through I.F.P.A., and he recommended them. Also I choose I.F.P.A. because I was in college and working and only had the time to complete the testing at home. Once I received the manual and videos, it was apparent to me that I liked the content of the information I was learning tremendously. The content is very educational, precise, effective, efficient, and fairly easy for me to learn. After successfully completing the exam, passing, I knew I wanted to keep renewing my certification with I.F.P.A. with new certifications, and to become a greater provider to my clients and better knowledge base to myself. To add, I went to F.A.U. and received my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. Wouldn’t you know that I.F.P.A. material has matched up to even these institutions knowledge base…thus I think very highly of I.F.P.A. in the scholastic setting.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

B and A for OCT 2013Naturally, I have a personal trainer type of personality: enthusiastic, motivating, knowledgeable, loving, strong, commanding, kind, articulate, safety first, etc.. I just have to get my sleep, train, and be myself. Though for my clients, I provide an in-depth fitness assessment, depicting their goals, before & after pictures, measurements, body fat percentage, ROM, eating habits, thus allowing me to formulate their own personalized exercise prescription and nutrition prescription to most easily meet and surpass their goals in a time efficient/effective manner.

What has been your favorite Certification Course?

I really liked reading about the different types of personalities from the Personal Fitness Consultant Certification Course I took 1 year ago to renew my 5 other certifications with I.F.P.A.