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Dory Critchett

My fitness story began in 2005 when I was just an ordinary person who was unhealthy, weak and sick. I was handled by a trainer, who at that time gave me improper training which led to so much pain and eventual injuries to my body. I trained like a man, lifted weights that was not right for me, so that I could join a competition and my trainer can get credit for it. I realized that my trainer had an ulterior motive and I suffered in the end.

Since I got myself into committing to a competition, I was determined to succeed even if it meant doing it on my own. I almost gave up when another trainer saw me in pain. He offered his service for free just to help me and see me reach my goal. From then, I saw the difference between a professional trainer and some trainer who is just pretending to be one. I saw a big difference in approach, motivation, communication and application of knowledge. The difference was very obvious and I found my self enjoying what I was doing and actually seeing results faster than ever.

The first attempt of joining a competition in fitness was in 2007, when I won 2nd place in Miss Great Bodies in Slimmers World. I did it again in 2008 where I got the 1st place in Slimmers World and FAME International Fitness Champ. And once again in 2009, I was Miss Philippines Fitness Champion. In 2010, I represented the Philippines and garnered the 6th place in the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) competition held in Pattaya, Thailand. The IFBB currently has 191 affiliated nations and is one of the largest and most active international sport federations in the world. I won Miss Asia Pacific International Fitness Champ in 2013. I finally achieved my goal of becoming a Fitness Champion, representing my country in international competitions. I realized that I loved training so much that I started my own gym in 2009. In spite of having experience in the international competition arena, I felt that I still needed to learn more. My past experience of trial and error in my own training led me to be more and more interested in furthering my knowledge.

I searched for a course and the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) got my attention. I became more interested when I found out that my friend, Coach Dan was representing IFPA in the Philippines. I applied and studied for at least 6 months, then took the exam. IFPA makes it easy to understand and apply the knowledge. IFPA gave me more confidence in what I am doing. Every certification is very helpful, profitable and enjoyable. I love it all and I’m excited to finish the Master Certification Track.

I believe my clients can describe me in many ways, since I have a different approach with each of them. Their goal is my goal and even more. I make sure my clients enjoy training and get self-motivation when they see the results of their hardwork. They say I’m tough. But they also say that they enjoy my company and are excited to come to every session. I’m always willing to go the extra mile and offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on especially for my female clients who feel discouraged.

My success story is finding enjoyment and reward in seeing people’s lives change; when they start to value their health and make meaningful life choices. Seeing people leading healthier lifestyles through fitness and proper nutrition, not only for a season, but for a lifetime; and to lead people to a better quality of life and be able to enjoy family & friends is extremely rewarding. For me, this is not just a job as a fitness coach, but a life coach.

The advice I would give to new trainers is to: first practice what you teach. Love what you are doing and enjoy it. Don’t look at this as just a good source of income. If you don’t love what you are doing, it will be stressful and will not be beneficial to you or your client. Make learning a continuous process. Only teach what you know and always, always prioritize the safety and the limits of your clients — proper approach, proper execution and position is a must. Training clients is not about you, it is about them. Give your 100% attention and listen to your client.

Dory Critchett:

Personal Trainer, Advance Certification Group Fitness Certification Sports Nutrition Personal Training Certification – Master Course (in the process)