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Dr. Aleksandra Madjaroska Elison

Since childhood I have been practicing different sport activities, karate, aikido, kick boxing, long distance running etc. Ten years ago for the first time, I went in a gym and I never left. I started as an amateur to improve my body shape, and as I started to see results. I wanted to compete and in 2008 for the first time, I went to a world fitness and body building competition. I loved that feeling being among the best female bodies in the world. I started to learn more and more about training, nutrition, and my medical studies ( i am MD). This has helped me go much more deeper in human anatomy, physiology and metabolism.

In 2012 I have discovered IFPA and I become IFPA certified fitness trainer. In my country I couldn’t find any institution that gives internationally accepted courses for fitness. I heard about IFPA from Facebook from Dr. Jim Bell. I decided to become part of your big “family”

My clients describe me as a “extreme” “killer.” those are the words when referring to training my clients. When we talk about my general performance, they say that I have a very holistic, detailed, knowledgeable, individualized and very professional approach for everything, health, medical, nutritional and training.

I always remind my clients about their goals and their dreams. I go deeply in their mind and I always listen to their excuses and their “reasons” not to do something. And then I talk to them, I talk a lot. Sometimes I say things they don’t want to hear, just to remind my clients  if they don’t work on what they want, they will never achieve it. People don’t want to be losers, and then they start to show their desire for victory.

I have many success stories, but one had very strong meaning for me:

It involved a  lady that was extremely obese. She was around 300 pounds. She was one of my patients in the cardio-surgery hospital where I was working at the time and was a candidate for ACBP ( arterio coronary bypass surgery). But because of her weight, she couldn’t do the surgery. Her life was in danger. Then we put her on extreme diet so she could lose weight. She started to losing weight and at the same time, was practicing very light physical activities. Unfortunately her coronary arteries were very narrowed and couldn’t feed the heart in those light activities.  She suffered a heart attack. Luckily we managed to save her and we put stents in her coronary arteries. After a while she had green light to start exercising. Then I took her in my hand and we started our fitness journey together. After one full year she lost 120 pounds, and was no longer a candidate for ACBP surgery, however she had a lot of excess skin on her body. As a reward for her achievement, the hospital made a free skin removal surgery. And now she is living healthy and happy live.

As i mentioned, except of PT I am Corporate fitness manager, i am medical doctor specialized in sport medicine, I have finished my PhD in Sport and nutrition science. I have been 3 place in a fitness world competition for IBFF and WFF in 2010. I have experience in many sports and 10 years of experience in the fitness and body building field.

I educate my clients, I educate my team, I share my experience and give them all my knowledge. When I provide results to my clients and change their  life’s’, they bring their friends and family to me, so I don’t need to run after people, they come to me.

Do not train for money and rewards. Share your knowledge, share your experience, always follow new trends and techniques. Learn, learn and always learn more. Be hungry for education, for self development. Great things come when you truly believe in yourself and you know you are the best in your field.


Dr. Aleksandra Madjaroska Elison