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Grace Gutierrez

What made you chose a career in the fitness industry?

I was a fat little girl before who was bullied for years.  I decided enough was enough and made a lifestyle change.  I got such a thrill from it and I definitely wanted to make other people feel the thrill that I get from working out, as well as, having fun. Thanks to International Fitness Professional Association-IFPA I have become A Certified Personal Trainer, a Sport Nutritionist Specialist and a Sports Medicine Specialist.  I really love what I do and seeing people become more confident, happier and healthier every day – there is no better feeling!

What is your favorite workout or physical activity?

I prefer brief, high-intensity workouts, either with just bodyweight or with relatively moderate free weights. I like to go all-out for 20-30 minutes rather than do something for hours and hours.

What is your go-to daily snack? 

A handful of nuts and cheese strings

What was the toughest challenge you had to overcome in your career?

I was asked to lead a group of personal trainers to represent their regions respectively. One of the representatives was a good friend of mine in my personal life. It was brought to my attention he had failed to comply to the said company’s strict policy. While this representative was a good friend of mine, I just had to make the very difficult decision to cut him from the team. It wasn’t easy for me, but he had violated my trust and the trust of our company. His poor decisions ultimately lead to his being let go. I was deeply hurt, but knew it was for the best. This incident helped me to realize the importance of following company policies and guidelines.

What is your best advice for someone just starting their career as a personal trainer?

Follow your passion, give 110%, and most importantly be true to yourself!

Statement from IFPA HQ

Dr. Bell and I want to recognize Grace Gutierrez not only for her dedication and hard work as Director of the IFPA -Philippines division but as who she is!

She has been dedicated to helping people her whole adult career. Training as a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and taking her career to Saudi Arabia working in the high risk departments.

She cared for patient in Dialyses units, cardiology units and internal medicine units. Seeing the results of what occurs when exercise and nutrition are not part of one’s daily lives she committed herself to fitness, Personal Training and being a lifelong learner of Fitness education.

Grace has continually grown through the IFPA. Looking forward to more great things she has to offer!

Athena Bell

Executive VP of the IFPA