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Henry Bustamante

When and why did you become a trainer?  I know what it is like to be overweight and inactive.  I wanted to become a trainer to help others change their negative attitudes towards their health like I did.  Because of my struggle with weight and health issues, I can better empathize with my clients.  In addition, I bring much life experience to my job and yet, because of my youthful outlook, I seem much younger than I am.  Even though I came to this profession at a later stage in my life (about seven years ago), I pride myself on keeping current about new training techniques and searching out knowledge that will help me bring the latest/greatest information to my clients.  In this way, my repertoire will never be old or dated.  As a result of keeping training sessions fresh and interesting, my client’s self-esteem improves so that they can reach that next level.

What are some adjectives your clients would use to describe you? Personal, caring, and sincere are some of the adjectives my clients would use to describe me. I am agreeable but determined and eager to achieve results for all of my clients no matter what their goals or challenges.  In addition, my focus is to make certain that my clients are reaching their training aspirations by varying the training routines so that every session is new and engaging.  I view my role as not only a trainer but also as a teacher by making sure to explain the reasons and benefits for why we do what we do.

What made you choose the IFPA? The core of my education has been through your organization, the IFPA.  I chose IFPA because it allows for different learning styles so that trainers can gain knowledge through a variety of ways.  The courses are structured so that even students who have been unsuccessful in other educational pursuits can succeed in their goal of becoming a personal trainer.

How do you keep your clients motivated? Knowledge is important yet, if it is not delivered in an engaging way, clients will not learn or continue to train.  If I was nothing other than a big, walking book of knowledge, no one would benefit from it unless I could impart that knowledge in a fun and meaningful way.  It is because of my engaging personality along with my knowledge that I am able to retain my clientele and help them realize their goals.

If you have taken more than one course, what has been your favorite certification course?   Of all my courses, the Functional Training one is my favorite because it deals with everyday movement and practical ways to alleviate and prevent future injuries and disabilities.  It is a remedy for inaction and helps people realize that by achieving optimal health, happiness can be the final result.

What is your best success story? My best success story is a woman who had many pre-existing physical limitations. Her ability to walk, twist and bend were severely compromised.  Through patience, diligence, proper corrective exercises, and, of course, a touch of humor, she improved immensely.  I am proud of her accomplishments and am honored to have played a role in the overall betterment of her functional motor skills.

What qualities set you apart from other personal trainers? Education? Experience? One of the qualities that separates me from other personal trainers is my diligence and attention to detail about making sure the client understands the reasons for certain training procedures. In addition, I have an uncanny ability to improvise and adapt to whatever situation presents itself, which helps me work with any age group or demographic.

How do you envision growing your personal training business? Since many of my clients stay with me for the long-haul, word of mouth is predominantly how I grow my business.  I have worked at LA Fitness for many years and have become a Master Trainer through my hard work and their faith in my abilities.  This, along with fun and innovative workout sessions, help me continue to gain clientele and to expand my business

What is your best advice to someone just starting in the business? If I were a mentor to young and up-and-coming trainers, I would tell them to be sincere, genuine, and, above all, be patient and listen to the client’s needs and wants because these are of utmost importance and should be at the center of every training session.

Name: Henry Bustamante
Location: LA Fitness, Irvine, CA
IFPA Certifications: 
Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, Flexibility Specialist & Sports Nutrition Specialist
Contact Info: Phone # 949-228-2503, Email: