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Jason Wilson

What made you choose a career in personal fitness training?

I chose a path in the fitness and health industry, which began with personal training several years after I developed a passion for working out myself in about the year 2000. After getting several certifications with IFPA I went on to add to my fitness and health aspirations; personal training was just the first step and my foundation.

What qualities set you apart from other personal trainers? (example: education, experience, etc.)

First and foremost what sets me apart from other personal trainers is I own a private 2000 square foot fully equipped gym across the street from the beach in Alameda, California called The Island Personal Training ( I rent out slots at my gym to career personal trainers who manage their private clients. I also train my own clients there as well. I provide a home to personal trainers and give them all the tools they need in the form of a wide variety of training equipment which facilitates any training style; not just one or two (such as a CrossFit gym or a boxing gym). It wasn’t easy to make happen but I am very business minded and extremely persistent. I also have many loyal clients who have been with me for years who supported me and followed me out of San Francisco where I started years ago to my private gym in Alameda.  Additionally, aside from my many IFPA certifications I’m also a California State Certified Massage Therapist and completed a year of full time school for that which taught me an astounding amount of information about the body; all directly applicable to personal training and far more in depth than many personal training courses get into as well. Lastly I am an IFPA certified personal trainer and I’ve always looked up to and respected Dr Bell and his knowledge and now I’m honored to have him come to my gym in California this August and hold a 2-day seminar teaching new personal trainers the IFPA curriculum. With some luck perhaps I’ll get to teach the new trainers as well and tell them about how I got to where I’m at today right along side Dr Bell himself.

What made you chose the IFPA?

The most prominent reasons were Dr Bell’s knowledge of kinetics and straightforward approach to explaining the how and why. Also I am a huge fan of his approach to resistance training methods and techniques and what seems to me to him having a preference towards resistance training like myself. I favor resistance training with free weights and machines coupled with days of endurance training and cardio.

What was the hardest challenge you had to overcome in your Personal Training Career?

My hardest challenge thus far has been opening my own gym and running it and taking the idea and making it a reality. But with persistence and determination I got it done.

What is your best success story?

When it comes to personal training success stories concerning clients its so hard to say as I feel there have been many of equal measure. A good one which is also a little scary is several years ago I had a female client who really started to get into fitness. We started to train for strength and power and she wanted to learn how to box which I incorporated into her training program as well. We started to train 3 times per week and she got strong. One week she went out of town on vacation and woke up to a man attacking her while she was sleeping on the couch in her vacation home. She woke up to him choking her. Even though he out weighed her by 150 lbs she was able to fight him off which took 15 minutes. She was able to escape out of the house to the next-door neighbors and call the police. The man killed himself after a standoff with police. She thanked me and told me it was because of my training she was able to do that. She also told that to the police and they put in the report. Scary as I said but with a positive/happy ending.

What is your favorite aspect of Personal Training?

My favorite aspect of personal training is the fact that I get to change lives for the better and empower people for a living. What a great job I have.

How do you envision growing your personal training business?

I plan to open 3 sister gyms in the San Francisco Bay Area like the first one I opened in Alameda by the year 2020 and have them fully running themselves. Private gyms for career personal trainers.

What is your best advice to someone just starting their career as a personal trainer?

Practice what you preach and know your stuff. Don’t be flaky and cancel on your clients it seems to plague the industry and is a problem with personal trainers who work in full service gyms. Remember that you’re selling yourself first – you’re the product. Then you’re selling results, as that becomes the product. Lead by example. Try not to get pigeon holed into just one type of training; be versatile and creative and that will help keep you on top and competitive within the fitness industry. Don’t ever look at or hold your cell phones whilst training a client. They are paying for your attention and time (so be on time). And last but surely not least Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.

For anyone who would like to inquire into Jason Wilson’s services as a Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist/Lifestyle Fitness and Wellness Coach services in the San Francisco bay area please go to his official website at For any personal trainers living in or moving to the San Francisco Bay Area who are looking for a home for their careers please check out Jason’s private fully equipped gym The Island Personal Training, located right across from the beach at 430 Westline Dr in beautiful  Alameda, California 94501. All IFPA certified personal trainers will be grandfathered in to the cheapest sessions we sell and will get their first 3 sessions free. IFPA for life! For details on The Island Personal Training go to the official website at