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Jermaine R. Terry

I became a Personal Trainer in 2009. What made me become a trainer , and more involved in the fitness and wellness profession is the strength, the hope, and determination God gave me when I was fighting a tough time in my life. As I mirror back to 2004, I was 25 years old, and had the body of a 55 year old. Throughout life I had a lot of bump and bruises. I have two screws permanently embedded in my body (one in my left elbow and one in my right knee) that at time used to have me feeling like I was a stiff old man, and when the weather was bad I felt every bit of the pain from left to right.  I was diagnose with high blood pressure, and the doctor gave me medication that had me not feeling like myself. At 27 years old I went from 170 to 240, and that’s when I decided to make a change in my lifestyle.  To my surprise; God gave me a gift that I never knew I had until I started working out, and taking care of my body. My drive had influenced others to work side by side with me, and also encourage them to get their certifications through the IFPA.

My clients will say that I am very determined to get the job done, passionate and ambitious about my profession, creative with my training, and I am definitely friendly when I am in contact with my clients, or members.

What made me choose the IFPA is because I was told the organization have a great personal training courses that will guide and help me succeed in my fitness profession.

I love keeping my clients motivated by giving them different challenges , and always testing their mental when it comes to different obstacles,especially when I give circuit training. I will be the first to always say you can do it if you put your mind into it! I love keeping my clients motivated by giving them something inspirational thoughts or quotes to hold on to. They love the knowledge I give them about why they are training on specific muscles, or why a super fruit such as a banana play a key role to their heart, and why too many aren’t good for them.

My best success story is how I made a connection with God through fitness, and everything I envision came into fruition. In 2010 after being rejected from 3 gyms I finally landed my mark at a gym at the time called Impact Body and Fitness. As I started training clients I also started evolving by working with groups, then working with bigger groups becoming an fitness instructor. As I was working with a client the Jersey Journal, and Bayonne Weekly came to the gym, and asked to interview me I thought it was a joke until I saw a lady with a camera and they had the paper ready to take notes. I was told that someone told the press about about me and how I am making an impact in the community in an positive way. I never had anyone ask for my autograph till I made the paper! The biggest success is having my own brand, and owing my own fitness and wellness studio in New Jersey.

The best course I have taken is the Personal Fitness Trainer. The Personal Trainer certification is the foundation , and it have helped me align all the other certifications.

What set me apart from other trainers that I have acknowledge in my profession those can be too competitive and will knock another trainer to get to the top. I believe our sole purpose is  to help people get in the best shape and health. The IFPA have gave me the knowledge, skills, and ability to inform my clients on the benefits of health and wellness,  and when my clients see that I am telling them the truth they are inspired to know they have a trainer who really care.

I envision growing my business by getting other trainers under my brand, and continue merging with companies to fight obesity, and bring awareness to many communities. Every fitness I give I want more organizations to be involved, so we ca better the world.

My best advice for anyone who is starting in the business is to get some business cards, get involved on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter , and interact on a daily basis. Know that personal training is a business, have confidence in your profession.

Name: Jermaine R. Terry

Contact: (862) 520 – 7348

Location: 558 Valley Road Westorange, NJ, 07052

Certifications: Personal Training, Youth Fitness , Group Fitness, Instructor, Sports Nutrition Specialist