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Jerry L. Arnold

What made your choose a career in Personal Fitness Training?

I chose Personal Fitness Training because I love helping people, and have a passion for the entire area of Health and Fitness.

What made your chose the IFPA?

The manager at the Fitness Center where I held membership asked me if would be interested in becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. She gave me Basic Introduction about the IFPA and told me to go to your website. I did some research for myself and after reading the Presentations about Personal Training and the Mission Statement I felt that the IFPA was the best fit for me.

If you have taken more than our PFT course, what has been your favorite certification?

Out of the six Certifications I have acquired, the Personal Fitness Trainer enlightened me the most. It opened my eyes to many realities about Personal Fitness Training.

How long have you been a Personal Trainer?

I have trained individuals for thirty years and have been a Certified Personal Trainer for nine of them.

What aspects of personal fitness training do you like most?

The most rewarding aspect of Personal Training is to see clients reach goals to their complete satisfaction, and most of all, establishing new relationships.

How would your clients describe you?

The clients would say that I am optimistic about being a Personal Trainer; grateful for the people I train; and that I am Dependable and Honest with my clients.

What is your best success story?

At the gym that I trained, two young men, about 16 and 17 years old, came into the facility and stood in a Safe Zone. They were enamored as they observed me as I went through my training process. The young men stood 6’0ft and 6’1ft tall. They looked De-Conditioned and overweight. They approached me and stated their names. They asked “Sir, we want you to train us. Our mother wants to know what you charge.” I looked into their eyes; both had the look of desperation, so I agreed to talk with their mother. In our conversation, I told her I did not have the time, because I had another profession that I devoted most of my time to. However, I told her if she could have them here during the time I trained, they could be my workout partners at no cost. The seventeen-year-old wanted to lose excess weight and become physically fit and have a healthier appearance, attitude about himself, so he could improve his social life. The younger brother wanted the same, but in addition, he wanted to play college football; football being something he never played before. Both became Gym Rat, highly motivated and disciplined toward achieving their goals. After they graduated high school, both attended the same university. The eldest continued and maintained his fitness program throughout college; maintained high academic standards, and improved his social skills. After he graduated with a degree in Dentistry, he became a highly successful dentist. The younger brother’s dream came true. He made the university football team as third string Running Back, and earned first string his Junior year under a coach with one of the highest win rates. Upon graduating, he was drafted into the NFL and played several years after the NFL. He now has a great career in Criminal Justice.

What sets you apart from other trainers?

What I believe sets me apart from other trainers is my ability to assess each client’s individual goals, then communicate and motivate them in ways conducive to their success.

What was the hardest challenge you had to overcome in your personal training career?

Initially the greatest challenge I had to overcome in my Personal Training Business was financial stability. Would Risk outweigh the Rewards of Achieving a Life Long Dream? Being in a forever changing Industry requires you to keep up with cutting edge training tips and techniques. A Personal Trainer must provide a great service, guaranteed results, and a reasonable rate for each client.

How do you envision growing your personal training business?

Serving one client at a time by delivering the Exercise Prescription that would bring about the desired benefits or results. My plan is to use a Three-Step Formula: Create the perfect offer + make the perfect presentation = increased clients and profitability.

How has the fitness industry changed since you became a Personal Trainer?

The Personal Training Industry has changed in every area. Financially, Personal Training has become so commercialized. A Personal Trainer that works at a Health Club has to work with a Personal Training Company, which means less money for the Personal Trainer. The growing trend is to become an Independent Personal Trainer. Socially, Personal Training has so many different venues these days. Back when I started training clients, all we had was the gym. These days, Personal Training occurs at the gym, park, personal residence, Health Clubs, business buildings, during lunch, on YouTube, through livestreaming, smartphone applications, and countless numbers of other media outlets.

What is your best advice to someone just starting their career as a personal trainer?

I would advise those transitioning into a Personal Training career; if you enjoy motivating and inspiring people and are passionate about Health and Fitness, you will love this profession. You must have a firm understanding of the fundamentals, because Personal Trainers are to Motivate the individual and to teach Safe and Effective exercise techniques, along with maintaining Sound Nutritional Habits. We are professional Educators, Supervisors, Facilitators, Motivators, and Inspirational Leaders. Personal Training is about Service, Service, Service.