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Kim Sansone

When and why did you become a personal trainer?

From a very early age I have enjoyed helping others. My love affair with fitness began 30 years ago in college. I worked in a gym throughout my college years.  Although I earned a BA in Psychology/Science, I realized my passion was for the preventative care of fitness and healthy nutrition. By the mid 90’s I fully embraced fitness, and became a certified personal trainer with the I.F.P.A. Over the years I have earned hundreds of hours of continuing education, including I.F.P.A certifications for advanced personal trainer and flexibility specialist. For the past 20 years I’ve helped many people with a successful personal training/wellness business in my home. To this day I can’t imagine doing anything else!

What are some adjectives that describe you?

Encouraging, knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, fun, motivating, energetic, creative, and intuitive.

How do you keep clients motivated?

First and foremost I get results; safely and usually quickly. My 30+ years of experience comes in very handy here, I keep it interesting and fun. Consistency is key and the reality is that boredom is a true pitfall for most people. I listen to what my clients’ want and always individualize workouts. No cookie-cutter routines for my people.  For more complete wellness, I focus clients on tweaking their diets since you can’t exercise your way out of a poor diet. When you combine consistent, educated exercise with better eating you get results…NOTHING motivates better than results!

What is your best success story?

Honestly, all my clients who stay with me and follow my recommendations are success stories because their health, physical conditioning, and weight issues continue to improve with time. Joyce, being blind, hearing impaired with severe scoliosis and a permanently disabled leg, has more challenges than most people (see testimonial below). Having tried many avenues of treatment to no avail, for years her pain had been increasing, making her weaker and more discouraged. Her challenges did not deter me and I methodically strengthened, stretched, and balanced her muscles. Within a couple of months she was stronger and standing straighter with a significant reduction in pain. I intend to keep her strong, healthy, and enjoying life with minimal, manageable pain. I am forever grateful to her, as she continually inspires me with her faith, determination, and courage.

What qualities set you apart from most personal trainers?

I believe it’s the blend of intense dedication to my clients, along with my devotion to being the best trainer I can be that sets me apart. I listen and am focused on your unique needs. I have a wide diversity of education and experience, therefore, I wear many hats as a fitness/wellness professional.  I’m not a trainer who is just focused on the scale and the mirror. If you stick with me, you will get the knowledge-based exercise and wellness coaching you need, for improvement on the inside as well as the outside.  I don’t want you crawling out of my gym, I want you walking out feeling strong, energized, and motivated.

How do you envision growing your personal training business?

I want to continue expanding my knowledge base to help clients achieve their goals of conditioning, weight loss, pain reduction, and overall wellness. Ultimately I want a more diverse wellness center where I am surrounded by other knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who love this field, and helping people, as much as I do.

What is your best advice to someone just starting out in this business?

Keep it fun and keep it SAFE!  Keeping clients motivated, injury-free, and consistent is key. You can’t get results if your client is injured or not present. It’s not about giving the hardest workout, it’s about giving the smartest workout. If a workout is poorly designed to an individuals’ needs and personality, it becomes the opposite of motivational. Figure out what is the best course of action for their individual needs. Clients look to us for knowledge, guidance, and sincere encouragement. GIVE IT TO THEM!




In support and highest recommendation for Kim Marie Sansone, I’d like to tell you why I not only concur, but congratulate her for this honor of personal trainer of the month. With that in mind, let me begin by telling you a little about myself, and then about Kim and what she has given me.

I am a 64 year old woman who suffered polio at 18 months with additional challenges of profound hearing loss, as well as the development of severe scoliosis and blindness in adulthood. I was raised to believe, on the one hand, that I could be anything I wanted and on the other hand, was coddled and protected from games and activities “normal” kids enjoyed. But I wasn’t like other kids, I wasn’t normal physically, and as I aged that became more apparent. At the age of fifty, I began noticing that I was weaker than I wanted to be, had poor balance and was experiencing back pain secondary to the scoliosis. I tried the gym, physical therapists, massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic. Pain increased and as I continued to lose sight my hope ebbed away. , Interestingly, I wasn’t limited by myself or my willingness but by the lack of courage and willingness of others to take the journey with me.  The impression received was that working with me was just too much of a challenge, and everyone wanted to play it safe. Oh how much I hated hearing that I just had to accept that I couldn’t do it. .

Through a mutual friend, I met Kim in 2014.  One day as I sat on the table feeling utterly defeated, I cried, and told her “I just want to be like everybody else”. I didn’t want her to give up on me like everyone else had. She gave me a genuinely compassionate hug and promised to stay the course. Together, in a joint effort, we have explored techniques, found and exceeded ‘limitations’, explored many realms of wellness and have grown into a true therapeutic relationship. Kim not only has the knowledge which seems to have no end, but heart, compassion, and faith in me. She is an encouraging teacher, and impressive in her diligence.  I can’t see her, but she watches me like a hawk, for any signs of undue weariness, pain, or drop in form. There are truly things I can do now that I never knew I could do. Each coming session is greeted with excitement just to see what new thing I can do this week, and missing a session is always disappointing. Kim’s breadth of knowledge is impressive, and not just another point of view. As a medical professional myself, I can spot a beginner or less knowledgeable one in a heartbeat … they lack vision and creativity. This woman sends me home every week feeling hopeful, energized, more determined than ever to tell the rest of the world “yes I can”. She’s not just a trainer she’s a wellness coach. Because of her guidance, this year my doctor informed me that all my lab results were superior and that I look healthier than ever.  She wanted to know why; I told her about Kim.

Kim is the most qualified trainer and wellness coach I’ve ever met. I’m grateful to and for her. Thank you, Kim!

Cathy / Kristin

When I was an active 50 year old, I thought I was in pretty decent shape. . .until I went to Kim for a training session.  My hamstrings were so tight that I could barely do a lunge, and my arms so weak I could barely could do a push up!  Now, 17 years later, I still go to Kim to keep healthy and I am strong enough to keep up with my 5 active grandchildren.  I know if I had not remained with Kim all these years I would be in terrible shape.  Like so many of us I would have found any excuse to not exercise, but I actually look forward to my sessions with her. She challenges me by switching up my routine and keeps it fun. I never get bored.  She is so knowledgeable about so many healthy choices to make, both physically and nutritionally.  I am so appreciative of her years of commitment to helping me stay healthy, strong, and active.

Recently I have yet another reason to be grateful for Kim. In the past year my daughter has had increasing pain issues with her neck and upper back. She had neck surgery as a child with an inadequate surgery recovery strategy causing poor posture and increasing pain over the years. My daughter claims that Kim has helped her a great deal in a very short period of time.  She looks great, is stronger with much improved posture, but most importantly she is no longer plagued with pain.  She says that in her time training with Kim, she has not only put her back on the right path, but has also given her the excitement and motivation to continually improve herself. Without her pain issues, she is now starting to focus on weight loss.

Kim focuses on exercises that work our needs, without aggravating our challenged areas. In my 17 years with Kim I have never had an injury. She includes a variety of stretching maneuvers in each session, keeping soreness to a minimum. Kim is extremely knowledgeable, has high standards, and an ability to explain things in such an easy manner.   She is wonderful to work with and the time goes by very quickly.