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Line Doucet

As a former Olympic athlete from Canada, sport and fitness is an important part of my life. I began teaching exercise classes in 1981. I looked at several certification companies and IFPA was the best and most professional and as you know, has done nothing but improve in every way ever since.

The more I learned and the more I wanted to learn. IFPA has a variety of ways we can add to our education and meet other trainers including conferences or learning cruises. I personally work full time as a fitness professional so having limited time, I choose to do most of my courses by mail. I am presently a Certified Master Trainer and my specialty is Bio Mechanics of sports and exercises. My objective is to complete my doctorate as a Medical Exercise Physiologist with IFPA.

I was asked to share a success story but after working in this field for well over 20 years, I have many success stories; amongst them are dozens of people being pain free after trying everything but fitness. I have lots of athletes with greatly improved performance that went on to achieving greater goals than ever though possible, but my greatest victory is to help anyone, regardless of age and size redefine their concept of limitations. I sell freedom at the gym. Feeling confident and having high energy empowers people, and that feeling can transform your entire world. Once integrated at the gym the confidence will be seen at work and in relationships as well.

My clients claim that I am organized, patient, uplifting, and enthusiastic; although tough when needed it is always done with a warm smile. I ask my clients for commitment and performance and in return I love them every steps of the way with encouragement, compliments, and rewards.

My best advice to all trainers is “love what you do” and realize that each client is a gift. It is your privilege to serve them. You either give them what they want or what they need so stay in integrity and don’t take money just to entertain people; it will drain you and built a bad reputation around you. Other members and trainers see and hear everything. Always dress and carry yourself professionally. Remember, you are representing IFPA and the global fitness industry so be responsible.

My fitness business is now international since I provide virtual fitness services around the world. It is giving me the capability to travel with my clients and help them stay focused, consistent and I can also help new mommies who can’t easily leave their houses because of the little one. I truly love what I do.

Yours truly;
Line Doucet, Master Trainer