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Nicole Wilkins

3x IFBB Figure Olympia Champion
3x IFBB Figure International Champion

What made you choose the IFPA?

I chose the IFPA because it was highly recommended by a well known trainer in my area. I researched many others and I decided on IFPA because it had the NOCA/ICE/NCAA Accreditation, it could be taken at my own home, it encourages continuing education with a broad arrangement of intriguing courses and it was a certification that discussed important educational tools needed to fully understand not just the human anatomy but the client/trainer relationship as well.

What made you decide to pursue a career in personal training?

I have always been an athlete and it wasn’t until high school that I began really focusing on the nutrition aspect as well as structuring my routines with a purpose, instead of just going to the gym to do a bunch of random exercises. Soon I had friends and family asking me for advice. I was originally thinking of either going into corporate wellness, physical education, or physical therapy, but finally decided that I wanted to work with people who were healthy and just wanted to be in better shape. I ended up getting a BA in Wellness, Health Promotion and Injury Prevention from Oakland University in Rochester, MI. I co-owned a personal training studio for a short period of time until I became a professional athlete in which now I do mostly online personal training, conduct seminars worldwide, as well as create workout programs for national magazine publications such as Muscle and Fitness HERS and FitnessRX Magazine for Women.

What qualities set you apart from other personal trainers? Education, Experience, Competition etc.

I think first and foremost, I practice what I preach. If I expect my clients to be healthy, then I should be eating right and exercising regularly as well. I have experience working with beginners to advanced athletes, children and seniors, fitness competitors and moms/dads. I suppose what sets me apart is that I have been on all sides of the fitness equation- I have a degree in wellness and was the head of the fitness assessment department in college, giving fitness tests and exercise prescriptions to everyone who joined the gym- ensuring that no matter what their experience/limitation was, I could create a workout program for them to follow.

I also have been on the business side of it- owning my own gym. Learning to network at a young age, sell training and create relationships with people, and make clients feel comfortable in a gym atmosphere as well.

I have been competing in fitness and figure competitions for the last 10 years. I have won 10 Professional titles including the IFBB Figure Olympia World Champion 2x and IFBB Figure International Champion 3x. I have graced 10 fitness magazine covers and currently have a weekly video series with FitnessRx for Women and a column in each of their issues called The Fit Life. I get hundreds of emails weekly from men and women around the world asking for health and fitness advice and feel very honored to have achieved such a platform to reach out about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

What is your best success story?

My best success story isn’t necessarily someone who has lost the most weight. It is someone who took his life from a downward spiral, turned it right-side up and has been living that way ever since. He truly embodies the balanced, healthy lifestyle that I talk so much about. He welcomes any new challenge with open arms and is now spreading the knowledge he has learned not only to his co workers and colleagues, but his two young daughters and extended family and friends.

What is the best advice you can give someone just starting their personal trainer career?

Never stop learning. Always ask questions. Practice what you preach and be patient when trying to grow your business. Everything worthwhile takes time