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Donnie Warnock

I always tell my clients,
“don’t worry, the well is deep and we’re not going to run out of things to do.”

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First, I started doing PT sessions after my job in the evenings. After a few years, I quit my everyday job and started to do PT full time. This was 10 years ago.

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Waks, Aesha AD, IFPA Personal Trainer of the Month

Aesha Waks

Have your own identity and beliefs laid out to set yourself apart for client interest and love what you do!

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Andy Clutter

I am a high school teacher who teaches physical education, health, and personal training.  I instruct my high school seniors in the art of personal training.

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Miriam Plotkin

I have formed such wonderful relationships with my clients! I love helping them, listening to them, being their friend, motivating them, and making them smile.

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Naomi Sachs, IFPA Personal Trainer of the Month

Naomi Sachs

I have always believed a proper health program involves both nutrition and fitness. I wanted to offer my clients a fully comprehensive system that supported all aspects of their health.

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