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Regina Wolgel

When and why did you become a personal trainer?

I became an IFPA certified Tai Chi-Chi Kung instructor in 2007.  As a licensed occupational therapist I consider qigong the ultimate OT modality. Qigong is easy to learn and adaptable to any fitness level or physical limitation. Its purported health benefits are numerous and include a healthy heart; normal blood pressure; overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance; a strengthened immune system; mental focus and concentration; body-mind relaxation; an upbeat mood; and self-healing. When I became a certified qigong instructor, I felt I achieved credibility to teach this ancient oriental art to my patients in the hospital as well as my students in the well-population.

What are some adjectives your clients would use to describe you? Testimonials:

Regina Wolgel has been my qigong instructor for over four years. Her class is an oasis for me and the other students. We enter class with our stresses, health issues, and personal concerns, and Regina creates an atmosphere of safety and calm. She teaches us the patterns with skill and professionalism and allows us to do the best we can individually. . . .It is a joy to be in her class. – Julie C., student

Regina Wolgel, OT, has led Qi Gong as part of the Kellogg Cancer Center’s bi-weekly stress reduction offerings for the last 6 years. Regina brings to this group tremendous Qi Gong expertise, but even more importantly, a warm, welcoming and healing energy. Kellogg’s oncology patients regularly participate in these sessions and openly share the benefit of this to enhance their overall well-being. Regina is a huge asset to the Kellogg Cancer Center! – Meg M., social worker

I have attended several Qi Gong classes taught by Regina and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Because Regina is so knowledgeable and passionate about Qi Gong, she explained and demonstrated the exercises in such a way that they felt easy for me to do, yet after the class, I felt that I had had a good workout. She is very aware of each attendee’s individual needs and limitations, and modifies the exercises to best meet those needs. – Michele R., student

As a colleague of Regina’s, I have witnessed the inspiring change she can bring to her clients’ lives. Regina empowers those who are sick and vulnerable to use the mind-body connection to advance their recovery. She shares her passion with people of all ages and backgrounds, and clients rave about her touching spirit. Her passion is contagious, and has inspired me to learn more about qigong and other alternative medicine practices. Regina truly is one of a kind! – Maggie M., occupational therapist

How do you keep your clients motivated?

As an occupational therapist with more than 35 years of experience, I have fine-tuned the art of motivating others. By being passionate and showing my belief in qigong’s many health benefits, others now share my enthusiasm for this oriental self-healing art.

What is your best success story?

Presenting “Qigong: Introducing the Ultimate OT Modality to an Inpatient Rehab Unit” at the American Occupational Therapy Association’s national conference in April 2016. The highlight of the presentation was sharing the results of a quality assurance study done to investigate health and wellness benefits experienced by participants of an OT-run qigong group.

What qualities set you apart from other personal trainers?

Being a licensed OT as well as a certified qigong instructor opens up unlimited opportunities for me. I can easily adapt exercises to maximize individual performance if physical limitations exist. I can teach qigong in any venue, as either an OT or a fitness instructor.

How do you envision growing your personal training business?

Now that my daughters have headed off to college, I have more time to market my services as well as teach in new venues.

What is your best advice to someone just starting in the business?

Expect that it will take time to grow your business and client base. Take advantage of any opportunity to market yourself including writing articles, attending health fairs, volunteering to be a speaker at organizational meetings, and connecting with others at networking events.

Regina Wolgel, OTR/L, IFPA certified qigong instructor