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Tracy Seman

What made you choose the IFPA?

My Personal Trainer was certified by IFPA and highly recommended I also get certified through IFPA.

How long have you been a Personal Trainer?

4 years

What is your best success story?

One of my clients when I first started came to me frustrated by her current health situation. Over the course of a year she lost 80 pounds by following my prescribed Paleo Nutrition plan. To this day she has kept it off even though she’s suffered some injuries playing tennis.

What qualities set you apart from other personal trainers? Education? Experience?

I do exactly what I want my clients to do. I eat Paleo, CrossFit 4 – 5 times a week, watch stress and get my 7+ hours of sleep each night. Live the lifestyle you promote.

How do you envision growing your personal training business? What factors led you to focus more on CrossFit?

I opened my own CrossFit gym on February 4, 2013. Had 40+ members signed up before the doors opened. In less than two months I am over 70 members. CrossFit has changed my life and I cannot ever see me going back to traditional training again.

What is your best advice to someone just starting their career as a personal trainer?

Live the life you promote.

What aspect of personal fitness training do you like most?

There is no better feeling than watching your clients/members achieve movements, exercises that they couldn’t do when they first started with you.

What made you choose a career in personal fitness?

I love working out and helping people so it was a natural decision to get certified and really help change peoples’ lives.

What was the hardest challenge you had to overcome in your personal training career?

I left a gym that I loved working out at to go out on my own as an independent contractor. Looking back that was hands down the best decision of my career.


For 8 years I was into Marathons, Triathlons and I assisted my coaches with their Fit Camp programs. I knew I loved fitness and helping people reach their goals. In 2008 I started training for my first NPC Figure competition. My IFPA Trainer encouraged me to become certified as well and I went ahead and got certified later that year. He also hired me to train at his gym. After only 4 months there I realized that wasn’t the place for me. Their diet recommendations and mine were not matching up. I couldn’t stand by and encourage people to starve and live on diet shakes while over exercising. I went on my own as an independent contractor and after my second NPC Figure Competition I discovered the Paleo Diet and CrossFit. That has been the biggest life changer for me and my family. You don’t need to be a certified personal trainer to be a CrossFit trainer, but I feel the best coaches in CrossFit have first been Certified Personal Trainers.