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Yariv Mashav

I become a personal trainer because I love to exercise. I love to teach and share my passion. I get fulfilled and excited by the privilege of guiding people as they are putting efforts and straining themselves to reach their goals. I appreciate the personal connection and trust that develops after working out together. I enjoy the heat in my body and the postural strength and flexibility that comes with an exercise session in addition to the restful alertness feeling and satisfaction.

I became a personal trainer with the IFPA in 2006 after understanding that physical therapist is too clinical for my passion for movement. I wanted the outdoors and the freedom of pushing people to their (safe) limits. Personal training gave me just that and much more.

My clients describe me as professional, punctual, friendly, knowledgeable, trust worthy, interesting, passionate and compassionate, creative and fun…

I keep my clients motivated by creating purpose for exercising and using images of success, a vision. During warm up and warm down we relive that vision and the reasons for spending time and money on exercises. I create with them an image of their ideal physical self, and we try to feel how it will be to have this body, how life will be and feel… They write an inspiring paragraph and they get homework to read it and feel it every day for 1 to 3 minutes. In addition, I keep changing workouts every 4-6 weeks, before we start new protocol we have a week off and we address structural and muscles imbalances as well as flexibility issues.

My other favorite IFPA certification courses would be the cage fitness. I always wanted to be a good fighter in the ring but was afraid of the injuries from the limited information. It seems like a good alternative with the increase popularity of cage fighting it can increase clientele. It seems like this can be a fresh routine breaker.

My best success story, my pride and my inspiration is my Father!!

My Father would argue against exercising with a cigarette in the mouth. He would have a cigarette and coffee for breakfast, cigarettes with lunch and so on until his late big dinner. You can imagine where this attitude took him. After the second onset of illness, he allowed me to train him ( I am also an exercise physiologist.). We started at 18% ejection fraction, with very slow joint mobility exercises for about 15 minutes. After 6 months we were at 33% EF (If I remember correctly). My father is now enjoying exercise routines and doing cardio weights and stretching with religious integrity. He looks and feels younger; he is not smoking and having healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is in better shape than he was 10 years ago and has bigger biceps than mine… after 1 year from the event we were at EF 42% hoping to get into normal range at the 18 month checkup.

I measure my success not by pounds or inches lost or muscle gained but by the person’s new love of a healthy lifestyle, their enjoyment of exercising and their performance. This will increase their chances of training alone, which my father is doing with very high integrity.

The qualities that set me apart (in my opinion) are my love for exercising without the vanity involved and my desire for true connection with people. My master’s degree in exercise physiology, strength and conditioning track and in cardiac rehabilitation track, my experience from body building in my teens to special forces training in Israeli army, injury and 2 knee operations and 5 years physical therapy rehabilitation ——15 years of self-experiment and research to completely recover my knees and becoming stronger in my 40’s than in my 20’s. In addition I trained for 6 years in yoga and meditation with reputable teachers from India.

My clients range from a 94 years old friend with a heart problem to 98 years old friend who wants to get back to playing golf. People with diabetes, people who wants to be stronger and lose weight to special needs kids’. I have a wide range, from teaching yoga at Miami Children Museum to teaching Olympic lifts to high school football team students… I have broad spectrum of experience and knowledge with years of practice to deepen it.

My vision and driving force is imagining my wife (that doesn’t exercise, but used to be a national level competitive athlete) and my kids exercising with me in the outdoors, mountains, parks, campground or beach…

Right now I’m in love with the personal connection that this profession gives me, my clients became my family friends. I am touched to tears with my client’s efforts and results. My vision is connecting with groups, having online products and programs. Making the younger generation move, competing and vectoring over the digital atrophies influences of our time. Making friends and family appreciate living with strong heathy body and feeling good.

My best advice for trainers is:

Make sure to love people and teaching. Avoid vanity.

Start at the beginning. Never stop. It doesn’t matter how slow you go.

Feel good. Be interesting.

Backup everything with evidence based science.