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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The IFPA is the recognized leader in practical fitness, health and nutrition education and certification.

Personal Trainer Continuing Education is vital for all trainers. The IFPA has made a commitment to the fitness industry, fitness professionals and the community who relies on fitness professionals, to “raise the bar” and increase the knowledge and professionalism of all fitness professionals.

In order to accomplish this goal, the IFPA is constantly adding new certification and continuing education courses. Click the icons below to see our Specialized Certifications, Continuing Education and FITBITs.

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Specialized certifications

All IFPA Specialized Certifications provide trainers with 24 Continuing Education Units (CEU) and a 2 year renewal to existing certifications.

The IFPA has over 60+ advanced and specialized certifications for trainers to continue their development as fitness professionals in subject matter ranging from Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Sports Management, Senior Fitness, Youth Fitness, Low Back Disorders, Flexibility, Weight Management, Exercise Prescription, Pre & Post Natal, and Sports Conditioning.

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Continuing education

Our Continuing Education Courses provides trainers with one to twelve Continuing Education Units (CEU).

A total of 12 Continuing Education Units are required to renew your certification(s) for one year. You may take as many courses necessary to obtain the required 12 Continuing Education Units. IFPA Continuing Education Courses also come in a wide variety of subject matter areas.

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Each FITBIT will grant trainers with one Continuing Education Unit.

Sign-up for our monthly FITBITS, by completing one each month, you will have enough credits to renew your certification(s) for one year. All FITBITs are published by industry experts, ranging in all topics of health and fitness.

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