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25 Training Mistakes You See at the Gym Everyday


First, let me give a shorter list: What do people do right in the gym? Answer: They show up! Every IFPA Certified Personal Trainer must know that every man, woman and child needs exercise and healthy lifestyle management which includes healthy nutrition.  Just showing up at the gym is a major step in living longer, healthier and happier life, but… Read more >

What Causes Muscle Cramping?


No one is 100% positive on exactly what causes muscle cramps, and more specifically, what causes abdominal cramping. The reason for this is primarily because there are multiple issues that affect the muscles in a way that could lead to cramping. Cramping is the method the muscles use to let you know something is going wrong. IFPA Certified Personal Trainers… Read more >

To Deload or Not to Deload?


To Deload or Not to Deload… That is The Question. What exactly is a “Deload?” The short answer is that a Deload is a short, planned, period of recovery that typically lasts one week. The Classic Deload is that one week out of 4, you greatly reduce Frequency, Intensity, Time (Volume) and/or Type of training. Does it work? The short… Read more >

Client Consulting: Addressing the “I Have No Energy to Workout” Objection


You are trying to build a successful Personal Training Business. You are working to convince your future clients of why they should choose you to become their Personal Trainer. You learned in the IFPA Personal Trainer Certification Course that your success of Phase I, of the IFPA Personal Training System: Client Consult & Assessment will make or break your Personal… Read more >

How To Be Heart Healthy – Prevention & Prescription


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Here’s to LOVING YOUR OWN HEART! The symbol of love is Cupid shooting an arrow through your heart so you fall in love with your Lady! That may not hurt immediately, but just wait until she starts dragging you away from your workout buddies and your Workouts! Your heart stays healthy only when you keep it working! Spend… Read more >