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White Meat vs. Dark Meat…Which is Healthier?


Since the Nutrition Nazis went on their “all FAT is bad!” campaign, launched a few decades ago, Dark Meat has been regulated to “non-healthy” status, but is that fair? Is it accurate? Is it firmly based on Nutrition Science? I am asking you to take a fair, open and honest look at the facts on the nutrition status of White… Read more >

How to Treat Muscle Tears From Squats


Forward: Dr. Bell has received several variations of this question over the past few months. For this month’s Fitbit, he thought it would be pertinent to address this issue with all IFPA Trainers in case your client experiences similar injuries.    The Question:  Dear Dr. Bell, looking for some insight if you have ever heard of this issue. I was… Read more >

Barefoot Training: Risk vs Reward


Each of your feet is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 120 muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. All of these tissues will take on hundreds of tons of weight each and every day. Your heel hits the ground at 1.1-1.4g’s with every step you take! Jogging increases impact forces even higher at 4.4g’s and when you… Read more >

40 Tips To Reaching Your Fat Loss Goals


Best Practices in Your Weight Loss, And Preferably… Fat Loss Goals. Plan to lose no more than 2 pounds/week. Faster weight loss results in Yo-Yo Dieting and you will gain it back and more. Mix a well-balanced diet by eating a variety of foods. Minimizing or negate highly processed foods. Drink sufficient water to keep your urine clear to nearly… Read more >

Sports Medicine Protocols: Hernia and Exercise


We have recently received many sports injury questions relating to sharp burning pain in the lower stomach area during exercises. The most recent question stated the pain was occurring during a deadlift. It is difficult to know precisely what’s going wrong from a distance and brief description of the questions we have been receiving. The symptoms described could be many… Read more >