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You Can Reverse Obesity and Type II Diabetes


Obesity is at epidemic levels resulting in a cascade of life threatening chronic disease, disability and dysfunction. Obesity is a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 above; according to the National Institute of Health (NIH). Of course, BMI does not take into account muscle mass so most of your professional football players bodybuilders and wrestlers would be classified as obese,… Read more >

Program Design for the Treatment, Care and Prevention of Cancer


While a lot of articles on the #1 Killer: Cardiovascular Disease are written daily, less is prepared on the Exercise Prescription for Cancer. The 5 Broad Categories for the cause are: (1) Environment; (2) Heredity; (3) Oncogenes; (4) Hormones; (5) Impaired Immune System Function. There is growing opinion that to strengthen the Immune System to fight off Cancer and other… Read more >

What are the Fastest Ways to Achieve Recovery After a Workout?


Happy New Year and may 2018 be your Best Year Ever! To help you and all your personal training clients achieve their personal training exercise and fitness New Year’s Resolutions, here is some good advice on how to recover from your exercise workouts, adapt quickly from your training stimulus and be prepared to train again to maximize your program design… Read more >

White Meat vs. Dark Meat…Which is Healthier?


Since the Nutrition Nazis went on their “all FAT is bad!” campaign, launched a few decades ago, Dark Meat has been regulated to “non-healthy” status, but is that fair? Is it accurate? Is it firmly based on Nutrition Science? I am asking you to take a fair, open and honest look at the facts on the nutrition status of White… Read more >

How to Treat Muscle Tears From Squats


Forward: Dr. Bell has received several variations of this question over the past few months. For this month’s Fitbit, he thought it would be pertinent to address this issue with all IFPA Trainers in case your client experiences similar injuries.    The Question:  Dear Dr. Bell, looking for some insight if you have ever heard of this issue. I was… Read more >