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How To Be Heart Healthy – Prevention & Prescription


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Here’s to LOVING YOUR OWN HEART! The symbol of love is Cupid shooting an arrow through your heart so you fall in love with your Lady! That may not hurt immediately, but just wait until she starts dragging you away from your workout buddies and your Workouts! Your heart stays healthy only when you keep it working! Spend… Read more >

Costochondritis – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments


The good news is costochondritis is not a serious condition and while it can be painful, it will not cause any permanent harm. Costochondritis is a painful condition of the chest wall. The rib cage is a very tough bony structure that protects your lungs, but in order for your lungs to have the ability to expand when you take… Read more >

Avoiding Back Pain During the Christmas Holiday Season!


How many times have your Personal Training clients missed a session over the Christmas Holiday Season? Do you know the reason? Maybe some of your clients will admit to you that their back is killing them from hanging Christmas Decorations over a weekend, but many would never tell their Personal Trainers that their back hurts due to doing something as… Read more >

Squat Form: Foot Positions


There is nothing inherently dangerous in having your feet turned-out when you squat, lunge, stand or walk. People grow up in different cultures and certain cultures will stand, walk, move and run with their feet in different positions. Most Americans will walk with their feet turned out, anywhere from 10-30 degrees. Some cultures walk with their toes turned slightly inward… Read more >

Should You Weigh Yourself Everyday?


When people say to you, “I hate to say I told you so, but…” you know they are lying! Everyone loves to tell you they told you so! Why? Because they enjoy proving they are right and you are wrong! Except for me of course! I have recommended you weigh yourself every day, as well as have your clients’ weigh… Read more >