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Each FITBIT will grant trainers with one Continuing Education Unit.

Sign-up for our monthly FITBITS, by completing one each month, you will have enough credits to renew your certification(s) for one year. All FITBITs are published by industry experts, ranging in all topics of health and fitness.

  • Correcting Foot Pain and Maintaining Foot Health During Isolation

    Most IFPA Certified Trainers around the World, and their clients alike, continue to experience Quarantines, Closed Gyms, and isolation. For those clients, that have chosen not to engage with you...
  • Corrective Exercise Program Design For Back Pain

    Until recently, the primary role of personal trainers has been to help people lose weight, or more accurately: lose fat, build muscle, “firm and tone-up”, improve athletic performance, enhance...
  • Biomechanics Basics for Sport and Exercise

    Improving Sport and Exercise Performance Requires an Understanding of Biomechanics. Biomechanics is the study of forces and their effects on living systems. Sport and exercise biomechanics are...
  • Saint Valentine Says Check Your Blood Pressure

    It is not too late to save your life or the lives of those you love! The heart is a symbol for Love. Saint Valentine’s Day will be celebrated this month...
  • New Research On High Protein Snacks Before Bed

    According to research conducted at Florida State University, “physically active women who have ceased bed-time snacks should feel no fear cracking open the cup-boards after sundown for a protein-rich...


Accreditation is the process by which a credentialing or an educational program is evaluated against defined standards and is awarded recognition if it is in compliance with those standards.

The IFPA is accredited by NCCA: National Commission for Certifying Agencies and EREPS: European Register of Exercise Professionals. All our fitness certifications including both the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and our Advanced and Specialized Certifications, are approved by the VA: Veterans Affairs.