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Each FITBIT will grant trainers with one Continuing Education Unit.

Sign-up for our monthly FITBITS, by completing one each month, you will have enough credits to renew your certification(s) for one year. All FITBITs are published by industry experts, ranging in all topics of health and fitness.

  • New Research On High Protein Snacks Before Bed

    According to research conducted at Florida State University, “physically active women who have ceased bed-time snacks should feel no fear cracking open the cup-boards after sundown for a protein-rich...
  • 6 Reasons Why You Could Be Experiencing Knee Pain This Winter

    “Winter is Here”...and Your Joints Know It! Does Cold Weather Really Cause Knee Pain? While there is ongoing debate on whether the weather effects joint pain, Harvard Health Publishing (June...
  • Combat Those Holiday Blues with New Research on Depression

    While the holiday season is the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" for most, for others, it can be anything but a time for joy and cheer. For those who...
  • Lunge Variation

    The primary muscles worked in the Lunge are the quadriceps and gluteals, including the gluteus maximus and most of the muscles in the hips and butt. Many people consider the...
  • How Do I Build My Chest?

    Let’s answer the basic question first, “How do you build muscle?” Building muscle requires a solid foundation of nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress management, as well as the following proven...


Accreditation is the process by which a credentialing or an educational program is evaluated against defined standards and is awarded recognition if it is in compliance with those standards.

The IFPA is accredited by NCCA: National Commission for Certifying Agencies and EREPS: European Register of Exercise Professionals. All our fitness certifications including both the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and our Advanced and Specialized Certifications, are approved by the VA: Veterans Affairs.