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Sports Medicine Protocols: Hernia and Exercise


We have recently received many sports injury questions relating to sharp burning pain in the lower stomach area during exercises. The most recent question stated the pain was occurring during a deadlift. It is difficult to know precisely what’s going wrong from a distance and brief description of the questions we have been receiving. The symptoms described could be many… Read more >

What are Nightshade Vegetables – Are They Safe To Consume?


Nightshade vegetables come from the Solanaceae family which includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, chili peppers, banana peppers, cayenne, Habanero and Jalapeno peppers. They are called Solanaceae because they produce an alkaloid compound called Solanine. Solanine is produced by the individual plants. It acts as a natural defense system against insects that try and eat the plants. The Solanine compound… Read more >

25 Training Mistakes You See at the Gym Everyday


First, let me give a shorter list: What do people do right in the gym? Answer: They show up! Every IFPA Certified Personal Trainer must know that every man, woman and child needs exercise and healthy lifestyle management which includes healthy nutrition.  Just showing up at the gym is a major step in living longer, healthier and happier life, but… Read more >

What Causes Muscle Cramping?


No one is 100% positive on exactly what causes muscle cramps, and more specifically, what causes abdominal cramping. The reason for this is primarily because there are multiple issues that affect the muscles in a way that could lead to cramping. Cramping is the method the muscles use to let you know something is going wrong. IFPA Certified Personal Trainers… Read more >

To Deload or Not to Deload?


To Deload or Not to Deload… That is The Question. What exactly is a “Deload?” The short answer is that a Deload is a short, planned, period of recovery that typically lasts one week. The Classic Deload is that one week out of 4, you greatly reduce Frequency, Intensity, Time (Volume) and/or Type of training. Does it work? The short… Read more >