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How to renew your certification

How to renew your certification

Renewal is required to maintain an active IFPA Certification Status. The IFPA makes the renewal process affordable and convenient. All IFPA continuing education courses explore targeted fitness related topics. Certification renewal is a process whereby certified fitness professionals continue to develop additional knowledge, skills, and abilities through continuing education courses. Not only will this ensure continued development for fitness professionals, but it also enables trainers to extend their scope of practice.

There are three easy ways to renew your certification:

  1. Completing any IFPA Specialized Certification program provides trainers with 24 continuing education credits and a two year renewal to existing certifications.
  2. Completing IFPA Continuing Education Courses will earn trainers one to twelve continuing education credits. A total of twelve continuing education credits are required to renew your certification(s) for one year. You may take as many courses as necessary to obtain the required 12 credits.
  3. Completing any IFPA Fitbit will grant trainers with one continuing education credit. Sign-up for our monthly Fitbits. By completing one each month, you will have enough credits to renew your certification(s) for one year.
  4. The IFPA allows certified members to explore programs not directly offered through the IFPA. An allowance of 6 continuing education credits may be submitted for evaluation and approval from non-IFPA (outside source) courses. Non-IFPA courses must be health, nutrition, and/or fitness related (selected college courses, first aid, CPR).  A minimum of six IFPA continuing education courses must be submitted per year.

Renewal Form

When submitting your renewals, submit a completed CEU Report Form to the CEU Department. Click “CEU Report Form” to download the form.