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Trouble With My Hook Grip


Hi Dear Bell, I’m about to give up with a hook grip. I have small hands and the struggle is real. The grip will only last for 1 or 2 reps before I must drop the weight. With a regular grip I have no issue. Do you have any tips or advice? I don’t want to be a quitter, but… Read more >

Nutrition Facts on Fiber!


Fiber exists in plants; it can make up the structure of leaves, stems, seeds, roots, and the coverings of fruits. … Read more >

It’s Oktoberfest! Bring on the Sauerkraut!


Sauerkraut is pickled cabbage, that has been shredded, salted and fermented. Vinegar is then added along with some other spices. … Read more >

Causes & Treatments for Back Pain During Pregnancy


Dear Dr. Bell, I’m in my second trimester and I’ve started experiencing bad back pain. Do you have any exercises… Read more >

Beginner Workout – Strength Training and Conditioning Program Design


Beginner Programs should begin with the 8 or 10 of the basic strength movements of the 8-10 Major Muscle Groups…. Read more >

Fear of Gym – 8 Tips to Conquer Your Gym Fears!


Dear Dr. Bell, I really need to start going to the gym. I know this sounds pathetic, but I’m feeling… Read more >

The Benefits of Tai Chi


The Benefits Of Tai Chi Tai chi is a sport that can be considered both competitive and non-competitive. Learning and… Read more >

New Research on Nitrates


Eat Your Greens and Live a Longer, Happier Life! New Study by the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION, July, 2017… Read more >

Acid Reflux While Working Out?


Hi Dr. Bell, I’ve had acid reflux for a while now, do you think it can be caused from intra-abdominal… Read more >

Bananas in the Danger Zone?


There are over 40 different types of bananas that grow throughout the world. In the mid 1900’s the most popular… Read more >

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