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Wide Grip Pull Ups – How Wide Should You Go?


Dear Dr. Bell, With Wide Grip Pull Ups, how wide should I go? Can you go too wide? The answer depends on how much stress your shoulder capsules can handle. For many shoulder capsules, going beyond the “Y” increases the stress on the shoulder capsules to the point that high, repetitive loads may cause damage. Which leads to my question:… Read more >

Experiencing Wrist Pain While Performing Hammer Curls


Hi Dr. Bell, I have been experiencing wrist pain when performing hammer curls. The pain occurs when I’m lowering the… Read more >

Why You Should Be Eating Flaxseed!


Dear Dr. Bell, what are the benefits to adding flaxseed to my diet? Is it fluff or would you recommend… Read more >

Can Your Supplements Be Killing You?


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has posted warnings on Tri Methyl Xtreme and Quad-Methyl Xtreme. They have been found… Read more >

Treatment, Care & Prevention of Diastasis Recti: Abdominal Separation


Dear Dr. Bell, My abdominal muscles are splitting right down the middle. I am 8 months pregnant and my doctor… Read more >

Trainer Challenge: Difficulty Improving Client’s Balance & Coordination


Dear Dr. Bell, I have never been so frustrated with a client in my entire career. This client has the… Read more >

Compound vs Isolation Exercises


Dear Dr. Bell, what are the difference between compound vs isolation exercises? What are the benefits of each? Compound Exercises… Read more >

Effective New Client Consultation Protocols


Dear Dr. Bell, what are effective new client consult protocols? The client consult materials the gym I’m working at provides… Read more >

What Is the Best Way To Record Dumbbell Weight?


Dear Dr. Bell, I’m new to lifting. What is the proper way to recording dumbbell weight? Do you combine the… Read more >

Getting New Clients – Fake It Till You Make It Approach


Dear Dr. Bell, I’m just getting back into the gym after a break from Personal Training. I am starting from… Read more >

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