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Treatment, Care & Prevention of Diastasis Recti: Abdominal Separation


Dear Dr. Bell, My abdominal muscles are splitting right down the middle. I am 8 months pregnant and my doctor says it is not unusual. What can I do to correct this? Your doctor is correct. You have Diastasis Recti. This a separation of the left and right side of the Rectus Abdominis Muscle at the Linea Alba (the white… Read more >

Trainer Challenge: Difficulty Improving Client’s Balance & Coordination


Dear Dr. Bell, I have never been so frustrated with a client in my entire career. This client has the… Read more >

Compound vs Isolation Exercises


Dear Dr. Bell, what are the difference between compound vs isolation exercises? What are the benefits of each? Compound Exercises… Read more >

Effective New Client Consultation Protocols


Dear Dr. Bell, what are effective new client consult protocols? The client consult materials the gym I’m working at provides… Read more >

What Is the Best Way To Record Dumbbell Weight?


Dear Dr. Bell, I’m new to lifting. What is the proper way to recording dumbbell weight? Do you combine the… Read more >

Getting New Clients – Fake It Till You Make It Approach


Dear Dr. Bell, I’m just getting back into the gym after a break from Personal Training. I am starting from… Read more >

Should You Give Clients Workouts On The Days They Are Not With You?


Dear Dr. Bell, Should I give clients workouts to do on the days they are not with me? What are… Read more >

How to Tackle the Cold Approach To Get New Clients


Hi Dr. Bell, my gym manager wants me to use the “cold approach” to talk to members at the gym…. Read more >

Supersets: Less Time, Higher Intensity, Greater Gains


Hi Dr. Bell, I need some advice. My workday just got longer which is cutting into my workouts. I need… Read more >

Using Existing Clients to Get New Clients


The easiest way for you to grow your personal training business, is to ask for referrals. I am always surprised… Read more >

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