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Becoming a Personal Trainer

What is the Best Personal Fitness Trainer Certification?

I have won dozens of titles in bodybuilding including Mr. Universe, why do I need a certification?

I have a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology; Do I really need a certification?

How do I become an IFPA member?

How do I become an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer Certification Process

Where do I go to take the IFPA Personal Trainer Exam and what is the process for setting up a testing location?

What score do I need to pass the Personal Trainer Certification Exam?

What materials are provided when I sign up for an IFPA Certification?

What is the format of the IFPA Personal Trainer Exam?

What do I need to bring to the Personal Trainer testing location?

Renewing your Certification

What is a FITBIT, and how does the FITBIT Process work?

What is a CEU Report Form; and is it really necessary that I fill it out?

What are my options for renewing my Personal Trainer Certification?

What are CEUs?

I was certified with the IFPA several years ago and then I changed careers. I want to get back into personal training. Is my Personal Trainer Certification still active? What do I have to do to renew it?