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The IFPA Sports Nutrition Certification teaches trainers how nutritional intake can maximize exercise training and boost athletic performance. The Sports Nutrition Certification explains how the body uses food for fuel and the different roles key nutrients play in making us strong and healthy. Subject areas in this certification include: energy metabolism, principles of healthy nutrition, food effects on the metabolism and energy, caloric requirements, macronutrients-carbohydrates, fats and proteins, micronutrients-vitamins, minerals, water and fluids, integrating energy use and training, nutrition supplements, performance enhancing supplements, food label interpretation, individualized nutritional considerations and the dangers of fad diets.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn the essential knowledge in Sports Nutrition critical to achieving your optimum results in health, fitness and athletic competition.
  • Learn the ideal mix, percentages, quality and quantity of the macro and micro nutrients.
  • Learn the optimum, healthy and performance enhancing methods for safe and effective “Fat Loss” NOT “Weight Loss”
  • Learn the process of evaluating the efficiency of foods based of the goals, needs, wants and desires of your clients
  • Learn to judge nutritional requirements based on a food item: calories, quantity of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more

Course Outcomes

  • Know how to educate your clients on the methods and techniques of optimum Sports Nutrition
  • Know how to optimize all of your clients’ needs, wants, goals and decisions with safe and effective nutrition prescriptions
  • Know the health benefits of combining healthy nutrition with Fitness and physical activity
  • Know the scientific basis for Sports Nutrition in order to avoid the unsafe, ineffective “FADs in the Fat Loss Industry”
  • Know the science that supports nutrition recommendations

Course Goals

  • Understand nutrition is 80% of the battle when trying to attain ideal health, weight and body composition
  • Understand how to educate your clients of the reasons why healthy body composition are far more beneficial and healthier than “Fat Loss Programs”
  • Understand the IFPA Sports Nutrition Certification Guidelines with sufficient competency that you can teach these guidelines to your clients
  • Understand how to separate nutrition “Fact” from “Fiction” and educate your clients to avoid unsafe unhealthy, ineffective “Fads” and magic pills, potions and elixirs
  • Understand nutrition and its influence on exercise performance and training

Certification Package Contents

  1. Textbook
  2. Workbook
  3. 100 question (multiple choice, open book) certification exam

E-Course Instructions

  • You will receive the links to the course materials and exam within 24-48hrs of purchase.


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified highly recommended, but not required.

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