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The Book on Personal Training


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If you are new to personal training, this course will present the basic knowledge and principles necessary to create effective training programs. If you are an experienced personal trainer, this course reviews and summarizes basic, unchanging principles. Regular review of these principles makes it easier to incorporate new information with you experiences. These principles guide the professional personal trainer designing a program to meet an individual’s needs.

Subject areas include:

  • Basic muscle physiology
  • Energy metabolism
  • Exercise physiology training principles
  • Strength and aerobic conditioning
  • Safety guidelines
  • Sports training
  • Exercise testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • Safety, anatomy, and exercise
  • Complete program design and development
  • Documentation
  • Nutritional considerations for the personal trainer
  • Psychology, motivation, ethics, and success
  • Business of fitness: marketing/law/finance

Package Contents

  1. The Book on Personal Training


  1. James Bell, Ph.D.

 Contributing Authors:

  1. Karl Dauphinais, M.D.
  2. Robert Simons, Ph.D., CHES, MS

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