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About Us

Our mission

The International Fitness Professionals Association is devoted to offering the highest quality learning experiences to individuals aiming to improve their lifestyle, and those aiming to improve the lifestyles of others. Our educational opportunities provide only the most practical and scientifically based health and fitness information that can be directly applied to “real life” experiences. It is with this dedication that the IFPA is committed to being the lifelong exercise and training resource to the entire fitness community.

Our vision

To train individuals to become leaders in the fitness industry, in order to assist every person throughout the world in leading the health and fitness lifestyle.

Choose IFPA

Become a part of a team of over 300,000 certified personal trainers and fitness professionals worldwide, who are passionate about health and fitness and dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of life in others.

Convenient: We make the process as simple as possible for you to become a certified personal trainer. Your study materials can be shipped anywhere in the world. You have up to 6 months to take the exam from the time you purchase the materials. If you need more time, we have extensions to make your life easier. You take the exam when YOU are ready. There are no inconvenient preexisting mandatory dates or locations. When you are ready to take the exam, we will set up a testing location near you on the date you request. Need your results fast? We can get them to you in 3 business days.

Affordable: Our Personal Trainer Certification Packages are competitively priced to make becoming a trainer economically possible. We also offer payment plans in monthly installments. Our fees are the cheapest in the industry. When it comes time to renew, you never have to worry about being slapped with hundreds of dollars’ worth of fees before even looking at the prices of continuing education. There are also zero membership fees. Once you are certified with IFPA, you are a member for life.

Accredited: Accreditation is the process by which a credentialing or educational program is evaluated against defined standards and is awarded recognition if it is in compliance with those standards. The IFPA is accredited by NCCA: National Commission for Certifying Agencies (formerly known as NOCA, often referred to as ICE: Institute for Credentialing Excellence). The IFPA is also accredited by EREPS: European Register of Exercise Professionals which is regulated by EuropeActive. All of our certifications including both the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and all our Advanced and Specialized Certifications, are approved by the VA (Veterans Affairs).

Practical: The IFPA provides the most practical certification and education programs in the industry. The focus of the IFPA was to take the most essential, scientifically based knowledge and transform all that knowledge into skills and abilities essential for you to successfully conduct personal training safety and effectively. The IFPA Certification Commission, Subject Matter Experts & Faculty are all deeply involved in the fitness industry and have highly successful careers of their own. Most academicians have never trained anyone and have never built their own business. Every single individual involved in any part of our certification development process has numerous years of real experienced (outside the classroom) and have become successful using the very knowledge, skills and abilities we provide you!